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Something to cheer K up... [Sep. 25th, 2012|12:17 pm]
When you see the rats flee, it means the ship is sinking.
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Try not to laugh to death [Sep. 14th, 2012|10:19 pm]
The French are finally free of those barbaric Americans.

Their new masters... the Chinese.
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They killed an Ambassador? [Sep. 12th, 2012|09:38 am]
Really? Really?

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Russia going down the drain [Sep. 4th, 2012|09:59 am]
Smirnov posted on his site a list of “people who have the blood of the Kazan victims on their conscience.” The list of 203 names is a kind of Who’s Who in Russian culture. It includes prominent writers Boris Akunin and Lyudmila Ulitskaya, film directors Eldar Ryazanov and Andrei Konchalovsky, and actors Chulpan Khamatova and Sergei Yursky. The archpriest did not make up the list himself. This list of “Russia’s Enemies” has been circulated on anti-Semitic sites for a while now, although it usually has notes after each name to define the “enemy,” such as “Jew,” “half-Jew,” or “Western intelligence agent.”

Full meltdown.
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Lolz [Sep. 3rd, 2012|12:04 am]
We all know what's happening in Egypt right now. The old elite are moving out of the country to their well earned retirements with their well earned stolen millions. To that bastion of illicit wealth... England.

This is going to be ignored. England is now the chosen refuge for kleptocrats the world around, Russian, Chinese, Muslim, African. One of the most diverse diversities on earth...
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DOOM with a side of fries... [Sep. 2nd, 2012|06:02 pm]
It only takes China 18 months to build a bridge. Which ends up lasting 8 months...
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Really... [Aug. 17th, 2012|11:43 am]
You kind of have to read all the way to the bottom to even start to understand what was happening...

BBC Party Line.
David Nkolisi, 37, who works as a rock-drill operator, told the BBC: "We were killed for asking our employer to pay us a decent salary for hard work deep underground."

Thursday's incident came after several days of violent strikes in which 10 people were killed, including two police officers who were hacked to death.

The miners, who are currently earning between 4000-5000 rand ($484 - $605), say they want their salary increased to 12,500 ($1,512).

In other words, a coupla hundred people waving machetes charged a handful of heavily armed police who had already seen fellow officers hacked to death.

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From the desk of S [Aug. 14th, 2012|12:48 pm]
One problem with trying to figure out what's going on with the economy is that everyone is lying.

Copper is one of the more problematic commodities. How much is there? How much will be needed? Even before you start trying to predict whether the global economy will grow or contract, and then predict future demand, it helps to know how much is currently being used...

Which leads to a conflict of interest. If you own a ton of copper, you don't want people to know it exists. The less copper people think is availible, the more they will think it is worth...

Hence these two articles...

Copper stockpiles so large in China they are actually causing structural damage to warehouses...

And lies, damn lies, and marketing. Most copper under storage actually not "official."
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From Iowahawk [Aug. 11th, 2012|04:27 pm]
Paul Ryan represent Obama's most horrifying nightmare: math.
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What do you have to say for yourself, pilgrim? [Aug. 6th, 2012|10:43 pm]
Pilgrim, revolutionary guard, tomato, tomahto...

Oh and I finally saw Puss in Boots. The only word I can think of to describe it is grotesque.
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